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Black Teen Takes a Face Full of Cum and Fucks Some More

Her Teen Black Pussy Made me bust loads of Cum

It doesnt happen often but when i bump into a black girl that says she has always wanted to be a black pornstar then i get real excited.
This 18 yr old Ebony Teen just loves sex. She got so horny one time she had to pleasure herself to a mascara bottle to get off!! Yup suffice to say my dick was poking out the whole entire time i was interviewing her. I love the way she played that soft spoken playfull voice of hers. As she did the little pouty face and then stuck my dick in her mouth. I hit the back of her throat and she didnt even seem to mind in fact she layed straight on her back and had me face fuck her a bit. I guess all of that action made her teen pussy wet cause you could hear it the moment my dick went inside her. Her pussy was all squishy from her juices. That gave me just the right amount of lube to start fucking her fast and hard. I banged her pussy real hard you could hear the echoing throughout the room. The harder i fucked her the harder she gave it back! I couldnt wait to put her in doggy , so i shined up her bubble ass with my lube and then began pumping her pussy from the back. This ass of hers just kept bouncing nice and tight and firm the look of this ass just moving made me almost want to nut right there. I pulled out my paddle and she asked for me to spank her ass hard. I think i may have gotten a little carried away as i whipped that ass with loud smacks but she moaned and seemed to love it. I then flipped her on her back to get ontop and i introduced her to the hitachi magic wand. She placed that on her clit and i started fucking her with it on and she went crazy. She orgasmed and almost pushed my dick out her pussy because she came so hard. I could feel that it was my turn to bust so i stood up over her face and unleashed a fury of cumshots on her face. One after another , huge loads of cum covered her mouth and face. I thought i would push the envelpe even further with this girl so i had her get back ontop of me with cum dripping off her face to ride and fuck me some more. All i can say is this is a girl to watch , as she is a porn starlet in the making!

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