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Good Girl Gone Bad - Black Teen Bares it All in this Video

Her Sweet Black Pussy is to Die For

I finally made this shoot happen with this sexy ass black girl. I had been waiting awhile to get her so i had to make sure to bang her like it would be the last time on this earth having pussy. She was so sweet and innocent when she showed up i had no idea what was in store for me when i started the video. Surprisingly she didnt have sex until a very late age but i guess that made it all the better. As having all that pent up sexual energy had to come out sooner or later. I had her roleplay a bit at the beginning of the video as shy school girl but that didnt last long. The moment her mouth hit my dick it was an all out fuckfest. She slobbed and drooled on my dick so sexy i almost busted at that moment. She then jumped ontop of me only to tease me with her wet pussy. Grinding up and down on me. She was in control and i had no choice but to take it. I then flipped her in doggy and i had to give it right back to her. I banged her so hard you could her her ass clap each time i slammed that pussy. I broke out the paddle and began wacking her ass hard, it hurt me just to hear it, She giggled and asked for more. WTF!!! I flipped her on her back and began choking her while fucking and she kept taking it. It wasnt long before i was ready to cum. She jerked me off and i shot out 5 big loads straight in her mouth. I watched her climb back ontop of my dick only to see her drool out the cum and orgasm while fucking me. She topped it off by doing some cumplay by scooping it all up and swalling all my cum. Is there anything that this girl doesnt do? I need to shoot her again.

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