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Exclusive Black Teen Video

Aspiring Talent Does Her 1st Porn Video

Cute teen face Whoa great story on this girl. I met this girl at a club a little ways ago and we kept in contact for over a year. I kept asking her if she would be interested in doing some adult modeling and she kept saying no, she could never do it cause she was busy working on her carrer and that it wouldnt be a good idea. So fast forward about 7 months later out of the blue i pick up the phone and call her for shits and giggles. I think i spoke for like 10min and heard nothing but silence from her then I hear a deep breath she says yes. FUCK!!! right then and there i jump in my car and head on over to pick her up to goto the shooting location. Good thing i had saved up a couple of days of man juice so i was allready cocked and ready to go!!! Whew i knew i had to make this video count cause i may never get a shot at shooting this girl again so i step it into overdrive with this girl. I think i did like 40 min of speed banging with this girl setting her up in all wild positions. I got her in this doggie position where her ass just started bouncing all over the place i had remove my dick from that booty and just spray all over her face. You will never see this girl again doing porn. Another great black teen 1st timmer.  

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